Ask SJ! An introduction

(A man in) Lotus Kirlian

There are 3 types of problems EVERY human beings has;

  1. Mental
  2. Emotional
  3. Physical.

At any given point in your life, all 3 of those problems are affecting you. This is where I come in. I Deserve to Be: Self-worth Is a Silent Killer is out and I hope you will find this Ask SJ column as useful as I think you will.

This is a classic agony column. You ask about your life situation and I respond in the best way I can.

Who am I? Born Jermain Ndhlovu, September 15, 1986 – I am a Virgo! – I am Zimbabwean entertainer. I have had 12 years working on radio production locally and internationally as well as being an electronic dance music DJ. I have had 8 years opining for newspapers locally and internationally. I am a college drop out and never set foot a single day in class because I was busy DJ-ing!

I am an award-winning facilitator on gender, youth, sex, reproductive and mental health issues having had 12 years of experience with British Council, International Rescue Committee, MS ActionAid, UNFPA and a variety of organisations.

I am a medium/mystic/psychic registered with the Traditional Medical Practice Council/TMPC under the Zimbabwean Ministry of Health & Child Welfare and the International Traditional Healers Association/ITHA. I am a thought leader, an energy reader and a body linguist which are my preferred methods of healing. I offer private ancestral connections rarely and strictly on a severe need basis.  You cannot trick me into giving you an ancestral connection that you do not need.

I am a non-religious traditionalist who believes in art, astronomy, astrology and ancestors. You may call me an atheist but I’m not – I am a non-religious traditionalist. We ALL have ancestors. You may choose to believe it or you may choose not believe it – that is entirely up to you and your ancestors!

I am not a bone thrower. I am not a herbalist. I am not a faith healer. Heck, I’m not even a traditional healer! No, I won’t ask you to take off your shoes. I’m not going to ask you to bring me goat or chicken bits. I’m not going to sneeze or spit on you. I’m not going to go into a trance and dance for you.  I most certainly am not going to give you medicine or “medicine” of any nature or whatsoever!  I don’t have a crystal ball or cards. I am a dude who “happens” to know what to tell a person some times.

I don’t have lottery numbers. I don’t have match scores or election results. I don’t support “get rich quick,” “get fixed quick,” “get healed quick,” or any “get quick” scheme. If you behave like Bill Gates is your daddy in the world, I will be the first one to remind you that he is not and that he will never be. I am not a fortune teller.

Therapy for the mind and soul is what I do best.  What I know for sure about the human condition is that problems of our mind (mental) and soul (emotional) are always caused by our body (physical). As such, my book is about the 4 types of physical problems that affect US ALL and in this order;

  1. Sex
  2. Money
  3. Manhood
  4. Power

In particular, the 4 physical problems always affect our mind, soul and body all the time as long as you are breathing. If you believe otherwise, it simply means that I am not the right facilitator for what you are looking for in your life.

At best, I help clients with mental and emotional problems and I least help clients with physical problems. While I am a psychic, clients with physical problems will be referred to an actual physician, a pastor, a prophet, a priest, a politician, police or at best, a prostitute. I am a capitalist – my colleagues in other industries need clients too.

Readers are free to join in commenting on other reader’s questions and my answers because I don’t know it all. So go ahead, Ask SJ;

Ask SJ used to published every Thursday on Enthuse magazine;




Image: Emmanuel HEREDIA/Wikipedia – (A man in) Lotus Kirlian. 

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