Why a book?

“I’ve always been interested in people, our cultures and what makes us tick. I love the world and the experiences that come with it. We could have born on Mars forfuckssake! Or sulphur fuming Venus dammit! As a black person – an African and a young one at that – I felt the need to share on my take of the world from those 3 points of view.

The book falls under the autobiography/memoir/life writing and non-fiction categories. Essentially, it is a self-help book due to the nature of that genre.

My ancestors – our black ancestors – did not write in their evolution phase and therefore didn’t read. We who survive them, are paying the price today. Growing up and living in the ghetto, I found that reading helped me a lot and that is why I wrote a self-help book.” – SJ.

I Deserve to Be on Amazon!


I Deserve to Be: Self-worth Is a Silent Killer is out NOW! Download the contents PDF,Contents – I Deserve to Be, Self-worth Is a Silent Killer




Image: Alatius/Wikipedia – Example of old Roman cursive.

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