About SJ


“Don’t be a selfish prick! There’s enough room for everyone” – SJ.

Born Jermain Ndhlovu September 15, 1986 – he’s a Virgo! – Sonny Jermain is a Zimbabwean verbalist (verb-a-list) and heals people with words. He has had several years working on radio production, being an electronic dance music DJ and opining for newspapers locally and internationally. A college drop out, he is a facilitator on gender, youth, sex, reproductive and mental health issues.

He is registered with the Traditional Medical Practice Council/TMPC under the Zimbabwean Ministry of Health & Child Welfare and the International Traditional Healers Association/ITHA. He is a thought leader, an energy reader and a body linguist which are his preferred methods of healing and offers ancestral connection strictly on a severe need basis.

He is a non-religious traditionalist who believes in artistry, astronomy, astrology and ancestry. His first book, a non-fiction self-help title is I Deserve to Be: Self-worth Is a Silent Killer.

He is first born to David and Siboniso Ndhlovu (née Mlalazi) and eldest sibling to Mellisa and Ike.


“Who am I? I am a thought leader, an energy reader and a body linguist. All of that make me a human behaviour expert – a self taught one!” – SJ.




Image: © Cyril Ncube/Deck Magazine for Sonny Jermain – Chillin’ at the Bulawayo Club | Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (2013).

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